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#InstagramReady Interior Design Services


There is no greater feeling than walking into your home after a long day and feeling like you belong. That light, airy, homely feeling is what we instil into every property we design. We want our tenants to be proud of their homes which means they stay for longer and take better care of the property, resulting in lower maintenance costs. 


We specialise in the creative makeover of different spaces, from co-living HMOs and apartments and commercial to residential conversions.


When you’re able to infuse creative and clever interior design into your property, not only do you attract higher rents but there will be fewer void periods and you also significantly improve the value of your property.


It all comes down to the details when designing a place that someone wants to call home. More than just a few paint colours, it’s paying attention to every single detail that when you tie them all together creates one beautiful, memorable space. 


We also understand it can be stressful when you don’t have the time to step back and think about all the details. That’s why we offer interior design services that can help relieve the stress of renovations and deliver you a #InstagramReady home that not only you will be proud of but also your tenant.


You don’t have to be overwhelmed with decisions anymore! We’ll work closely with you when it comes to planning your space to match your requirements, personality and preferences.


Stress Free
Design Package 

We can work through any brief by using our 4 step package designed to answer any brief. 









If you are interested in finding out anymore then please get in touch below


M2 Properties 

It was fun and interesting to work with Cat on our brand design. We are very pleased with the results and happy that the established documentation will
make our lives much easier in the future. Thanks so much Cat and looking forward to work on another
project with you in the near future!

Josh Keegan

"Cat certainly has a flair for professional house share design! She is easy to work with, and understands that you must get your design right to attract to minimise voids and attract the best tenants. Working with Cat has provided a great return on investment, with each room selling fast at max prices and properties that reflect our brand and personality that we are proud of.’"

Rachael Henshaw

"Cat has incredible skill & knowledge. She was able to turn my
ideas into something chic. She is warm yet professional and
has designed the dream space. I can’t recommend her enough"

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