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About Us


We started NW Living in 2017 when we bought our first investment property. We made a lot of mistakes but learnt a huge amount along the way. It was this first investment, alongside the education we received at the time that truly changed the trajectory of our lives. 

We had a simple goal. We wanted to do our part to elevate the quality of living for people in the Greater Manchester area. Now four years later, with 50 transformed co-living spaces under our belts, we have made an impact, and plan to continue.  


We specialize in transforming run-down buildings into places people are proud to call their home. Some of our projects include co-living HMOs, apartments and commercial to residential conversions. 

We consider ourselves very lucky, that as a couple we have very complementary traits when running our business.


Cat loves interior design and is the creative vision behind transforming the unloved properties into beautiful new spaces. She also uses this love for interior design to work with time-strapped landlords to create new interior design layouts that boost the value of their properties.

Chris loves the financial side and unleashes his passion in the numbers. He loves to find projects with the greatest potential and work with investors who join in on our amazing investment opportunities. He also runs the mentoring programme, helping others who want to invest on their own.

We are focused on providing high-quality accommodation for our tenants or our clients, making a difference in the Greater Manchester community. If you have any questions, we are always up for having a chat so just get in touch today.

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