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Passionate And Inspiring Property Investment | Manchester

5 High Street, Stockport_by MiRightPhoto

Creative and Innovative Property Investment | Manchester

Because everyone deserves a beautiful place to call home. 

5 High Street, Stockport_by MiRightPhoto

Our Services

NW Living is a passionate property investment company that specialises in breathing new life into run down properties and transforming them into stylish co-living HMOs and apartments.

Cat and Chris started NW Living in 2017 when they bought their first investment property. Now, four years later with 50 transformed co-living spaces under their belts, they are ready to share their expertise to make an even greater impact. 

5 High Street, Stockport_by MiRightPhoto

Property Investment Mentoring

We offer a mentoring programme to those who are keen to start investing in property. We support investors so they can achieve results far quicker than they would themselves, learning from our experiences. We also focus business processes to ensure the most efficient returns on investment, both in money and more importantly time.

Stress-Free Interior Design Services

Being a property investor means you’re always making decisions. But you don’t always have time to decide how to design your spaces, which means you could be leaving money on the table. Maximise your investment with our Four-Step-Stress-Free Design Package. 


What We Have Been Up To

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